HelloHub Project

The HelloHub is a private public partnership project between Andalem Consulting PLC. and BelCash Technology Solutions PLC (BCTS), and supported by the Jobs Creation commission of Ethiopia (JCC). HelloHub one-stop urban and rural hubs that provide access to digital Services nationwide, and creates more than 45,000 franchise entrepreneurs in the process. Located in strategic areas to serve the maximum of people from the smallest administrative levels in rural areas to central places, nationwide, HelloHubs provide access to
• Connectivity/Airtime,
• Mobile banking,
• Household solar,
• ecommerce
• Entertainment and much more

This three-year project aims to create 45,000 jobs in providing access to clean energy for lighting and information, mobile banking, ecommerce, job opportunities and much more, in the next two years, delivered through 15,000 HelloHubs. This will positively impact an estimated more than 10,000,000 people and will significantly contribute Ethiopia’s inclusive and sustainable development through:
• Accelerating the digitization of the Ethiopian economy
• Direct and indirect job creation
• Financial inclusion
• eGovernment
• eCommerce and digital social services
• Renewable energy generation for household and small business use
• Import substitution of fossil fuels like kerosene and dry cell batteries
• Environmental damage mitigation

It is well known that digital hubs help communities, especially in the rural area, improve their quality of life by increasing economic opportunities and by empowering them with information, tools, goods, and services such as eGovernment, education and healthcare. BCTS is committed to finding ways to deliver this benefit broadly and consistently, while making the HelloHub project an economically sustainable job creating machine in the long term.


MoSHE-Apollo Project

Acted by an MoU signed between MoSHE Intellimedia Networks and Andalem Consulting plc. on May 26th 2020, this private-public partnership has set a multi-phase five-year strategy to reinforce higher education institutions’ digital capacity for online delivery of live and on-demand videos of classroom teachings, access to additional learning material, centralized secure online testing, and artificial intelligence backed detailed metrics on student performance. As an integrated part of the broader digital transformation agenda set forth by Nobel laureate, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, this project will have a long lasting positive impact in preparing Ethiopian students and professionals for the 21st century’s knowledge economy.

The partnership will deploy Intellimedia’s Apollo Learning and Training Management System (LTMS) for Ethiopian higher education and vocational training institutions to streamline delivery of educational content to anyone with a mobile phone, track progress of each individual student and institution, and reinforce intra-institution collaboration. The technology platform includes an immersive, Omni channel learning application, a content authoring tool, a learning management system and a mixed reality platform for authoring and distribution of virtual/augmented reality content.

The project implementation plan consists in a short-term rapid Covid-19 response framework to support the ministry’s efforts to mitigate the disruption in the country’s higher education sector caused by the pandemic, and a longer term objective to unlock the full force of engaging, immersive, gamified and personalized learning. This will better prepare Ethiopian institutions for the future of education, create better linkage between academia and industries, and facilitate a smooth transition from education and training to entrepreneurship and jobs.

The consortium of implementing companies is run by Ethiopians and Ethiopian diaspora bound by their shared mission to serve their country will relentlessly work towards making this partnership stay on top of technology trends and continuously contribute to Ethiopia’s digital transformation and sustainable development.