logo-iscThe fourth international conference on high-performance computing and data processing will take place on September 23-24, 2013 in Heidelberg, Germany. It brings together experts from research and industry to exchange their experience in designing, building and operating data-intensive cloud services.


With the rise of Cloud Computing, this scenario is changing. Clouds are of particular interest with the growing tendency to outsource HPC and time-consuming data analysis, increase business and research flexibility, reduce management overhead, and extend existing, limited HPC infrastructures. Clouds reduce the barrier for service providers to offer HPC services with minimum entry and access costs and infrastructure requirements. Clouds allow service providers and users to experiment with novel services and to reduce the risk of wasting resources.

Rather than having to rely on a corporate IT department to procure, install and wire HPC servers and services into the data center, there is the notion of self-service, where users access a cloud portal and make a request for compute and data servers with specific hardware or software characteristics, and have them provisioned automatically in a matter of minutes. When no longer needed, the underlying resources are put back into the cloud to service the next customer. This notion of disposable computing dramatically reduces the barrier for research and development, in research and industry! Clouds will surely revolutionize how HPC is applied because of its utilitarian usage model. Clouds will make HPC and data processing genuinely mainstream: HPC as a Service.

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