Digitization, Collaboration & Social Innovation


Focusing on seven key sectors - Renewable Energy, Connectivity, Agriculture, Water, Health, Education and Financial Inclusion, Andalem strives to accelerate the economic transformation and sustainable development of Africa through Digitization, Collaboration and Social Innovation.

  • Digitization: We conduct digitization research, develop ecosystems and business models to bring personalized, mobile and accessible solutions to the African Market
  • Collaboration: We foster collaboration to build Africa's technological R&D and Innovation capacity by designing and implementing multi-stakeholder consortium projects.
  • Social Innovation: We create social branding value to private sector partners by aligning their marketing and advertising efforts with their Social Responsibility.

By partnering with organizations that we share values with across the private, public and social sectors, we are dedicated to lead Africa's Digital and Technological future for an inclusive and sustainable world.




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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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