One World Through Technology


Worldwide connectivity, converging technologies, big data and artificial intelligence driven decision-making is driving the global society through a nexus period, in which the scale and scope of economic transformation and human development are much greater than the aftermath of the industrial revolution.

The digitization of the global economy and our unprecedented ability to access and share information is enabling us to organize, collaborate and innovate around humanity's grand challenges of climate change, global pandemics, inequality and create an inclusive and sustainable world.

This vision of an interconnected, healthy, inclusive and sustainable future is the driving force of our organization. As a mission-driven social enterprise, we are dedicated to harness the exponential power of Digitization, Global Collaboration, Social Innovation and unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of Africa's demographic dividend to accelerate its digital transformation and its inclusion to the global digital economy.

Our integrity, accountability, and our passion for excellence are the values we cherish the most, and our approach of building public-private ecosystems is the fuel that moves our organizational mission forward.






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