Michael Tesfaye Hiruy

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About Michael Tesfaye Hiruy

Michael Tesfaye Hiruy is a multicultural social entrepreneur with a passion for Social Innovations and an extensive experience in the High Information Technology sector. His educational background and work experience has led him to have a deeper understanding of the transformative potential of exponential technologies. He cultivated a technosocial perspective for solving global challenges and creating an interconnected, healthy, inclusive and sustainable world. Michael founded Andalem (which in Amharic or Ethiopian language means One World) in January 2013.

Prior to Andalem, Michael has 8 years of experience in the High-Tech Sector, including 5 years of experience working for a leading provider of processing algorithms and fusion engines that turn MEMS sensor data into meaningful personal and contextual information. He has defined and marketed numerous “User and Context Aware” electronic devices that leverage actionable information for health, wellness, safety, sports performance and Human Machine-Interaction applications. He holds a 1st masters in Science, Technology, and Health majoring in Biotechnology from Joseph Fourier university of Grenoble and a 2nd masters in Innovation Management from ISTIA (institut de Sciences et Techniques de l’Ingénieur à Angers), University of Angers.